AMTECH’s BGA solder spheres are manufactured from virgin materials to meet or exceed the requirements of building or repairing BGA packages. AMTECH BGA solder spheres also exceed both the IPC and MIL standards for purity levels and size tolerances. Nominal sizes are available from 4 mil to 45 mil, and custom solder sphere sizes are also available upon request. Many alloys are available for use in solder spheres, including several lead-free alternatives. Solder spheres are packaged and sold in 250k bottles.

AMTECH preforms are custom manufactured to strict tolerances, consistently delivering a precise amount of solder to the right spot on the pc board. AMTECH preforms can be manufactured by stamping, compacting, extruding or forming pieces of pure soft solder alloy. AMTECH preforms are available with flux cores, solid metal, as well as with or without flux coatings. The flux core can also be fused for easier handling.

BGA Solder Sphere RFQ Form
Preform RFQ Form